Who are we

We make available for you our 20-year experience in the real-estate market. We are experts on:

  • Real-estate consultancy and assessment. Intermediation
  • Reorganization and optimization of small-scale real-estate portfolios.
  • Reorganization and optimization of large-scale real-estate portfolios.
  • Patrimony administration. We adapt the demand to the existing supply on each moment.

In Real Estate we employ our talent to identify, locate and negotiate the property you demand us. Our knowledge on Barcelona allows us for detecting and selecting thebest opportunities in the field of offices' rental and purchase.

We are especially actives on identifying investing opportunities. Get the highest output from our experience in the local working market.

We accomplish rigorously and professionally our service on assessment and integral consultancy, with the purpose of allowing you to obtain a high profitability in your patrimony.

We put at your disposal the best selection of offices and bureaus put for rent in Barcelona. 

What does Real Estate for you? 
  • We help you identify, locate and obtain the property you need. 
  • We offer Assessment and integral Consultancy service. 
  • We have a wide range of properties, offices and establishments in the best positions in Barcelona. 
  • We detect the best Rental and Sale opportunities. 
  • We are specialised in Offices and Investment Market in Barcelona.